Monday, July 21, 2008

¿ What the was I thinking...?

I went to the bull fight tonight... yeah, yeah, yeah... I can say it in Spanish, but I don't feel like it. Besides I think I'm still in shock.

Perhaps today wasn't the best day for me to go to a bullfight... perhaps there really is no good day to go watch a beast be tortured... because don't let them fool you, what they do to the bull is tease, bully and torture him. What el matador and his sidekicks do is flirt with and tease the bull. It's almost like a beautiful dance, only with pain and blood...

Next time I will watch people dance instead or maybe even dance myself... not a good day for a bullfight.

I have always been a firm believer in trying everything once... if you don't like it don't do it again, if you do and it's good for you then hey... that's great. I am going to have to keep a limit on that motto... no more watching animals be tortured. Years ago I went to the rodeo in Colorado, that was equally as disturbing...

What was I thinking?

The bottom line is just because your ass looks great in an outfit, doesn't mean you have to be a bully.... It just doesn't.

Not a good day for a bullfight, especially if you are a bull.

Oh and if anyone was wondering where the King of Spain was tonight...Well rumor has King Juan Carlo was at the Corrida de Toro en Valencia hanging with me... though I am still not sure and no one even said to bow... I would have given a bow or something for a king... damnit... this is not a good day for a bullfight nor to see a king. .

Also... and then I will day no more on this matter, if you ever decide to see a bullfight, go late. At least one hour into the time you are told to be there. This way you don't have to see 6 bulls being tortured and killed. Arriving late means you can see the latter ones which seemlingly have more angry and energetic bulls. I left before they speared the forth bull, I just couldn't watch anymore.

Today is not a good day for a bullfight, not good for the bulls nor for me.

Now I will sleep and try not to have nightmares of what I have just seen.

I am so tired I am having trouble making complete sentences appear from my hands... seems more like psycho ranting to me... lol... I think I will be better tomorrow... no more bull shit...


P.A. GIbbons said...

but oh, you wrote with such poetry.

I think this is a very strong piece.

So out of the horrors at least SOMETHING good came out of it.


karen said...

Checking. Check. Check. Is this working?

Chaska Peacock said...

Like you, I used to believe in "try everything once", but I've changed my mind about that. Killing, blood, torture....they are all things in which I cannot participate. Now, tell that to my body which craves meat.