Tuesday, July 15, 2008


I cooked... yes it's true, a whole meal in fact. I was inspired by last night's party. I went to a classmates a 22 year old British boy who decided he was going to have a barby The sweet man, Stevie, bought a bbq, toms of meat and invited everyone in class to come over for some festivities. Poor Stevie didn't have a clue how to get the bbq going and when he finally gave up, Vince and I helped... Who is Vince? Another classmate, age 24, attends Oxford Univ. law school, sweet as pie and totally gay.... I think I might totally love him. Anyway Vince and I decided to help Stevie out and took over the kitchen a bit. I enjoyed it so much I was inspired to cook tonight.

In case you are wondering why this might be a momentus occasion for me, it's because when I decided to stop being a wife, I also gave up on the kitchen and pretty much all groceries too. I had been eating at friend's houses, going out to eat or completely skipping meals all together. I didn't mind really, but today I felt like preparing a meal. I went out and bout fish, potatoes and asparagus. I spiced it up and browned the potatoes then put it all in a ceramic paella dish that came with my apartment. It was delicious!! Once again, I feel certain I haven't lost my touch in the kitchen from lack of practice. I used to love to cook; especially for other people... maybe I will find that love again. Wither way I can say with complete certainty that the food I eat here feels better for and tastes delicious. However my Serb sisters want to know what kind of American I am if I never go to McDonalds???

I forgot to mention it was the first time I ever cooked fish that still had it's face on.... it's funny I always get filets or steaks but today I decided to go for it and cooked two whole fish!

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