Sunday, July 20, 2008


I am or be... no argument here...

I went to the beach with a bunch of kids from school late tonight. I love being near the sea.

We sat and exchanged stories, well they did; tonight I mostly just listened. It was a unique mixture of people non-native and native English speaking people with little in common besides a few weeks together in Valencia and our love for good company and wine. We enjoyed each other and it was nice. At midnight, the fireworks started. I felt comforted to be amongst people this week as last Saturday's display began with the bus fiasco. I did take a few walks by myself along the beach to put my feet in the water. It felt so good.. Some how feeling the water on my feet and the moon in the sky helps me feel connected to what I need. I wondered if my mom noticed last night's moon. It was huge in the sky here... all very grounding.

I wait to hear from my mother or cousins so that I know what's going on. I have a US phone number here now. If you are interested in calling send me an email and I will give the number, I can only make calls from my computer, but can receive them on my cell phone.

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