Sunday, July 13, 2008


Roughly translated, that's Spanish for hahahaha... lol

Ok so last night I decided I wanted to go see fireworks at the beach. From my house to the beach is simple, walk 3 blocks, catch tram, stay on tram for 10 minutes, get off and walk one block to beach. I have done this many times to enjoy a beautiful sunny day (which every day so far has been). Last night shouldn't be any different...but...

I get to the tram station and I was trying to read to find out what time the last tram was. Suddenly a bus pulls up and all the people at the station get on it. When I say pulls up I mean right on the tram track. I was confused about that, but the guy who worked on the bus kept yelling at me to get on, he was laughing and smiling and there were at least 50 people on the bus so I thought...ok. and I got on the bus. I was the last one on so I stood with the 3 workers one of which was driving, the other two were screaming to him which direction to turn.

Ever watch the Simpsons when they had that dog named Santa's Little Helper? The dog would listen to the humans and it would sound like blah, blah, blah, treat, blah, blah, blah, sit... That's how I felt last night. These guys were laughing their asses off trying to figure out how to get around the repairs of the tramline... I heard blah, blah, derecha, blah, blah, directo, blah, blah... etc. I still wasn't too sure about what was happening but I kinda got the idea when I saw the actual construction on the tramline. Then boooom... the bus gets a flat tire. They stop and try to fix it, but decided not to bother. We keep going and the driver is getting angry because, it seemed the stearing wheel was pulling to the right. So we stop again... everybody gets off the bus, so do I, two minutes later everyone gets back on the bus and so do I. Then it hits me, how will I get home?!?!?! So I ask best I can if the tram will be running later. "No"... the autobus? "No" Metro... "No metro here" ahhhh ok, taxi? "Sí". Muchos grasias por su ayuda!!! (thanks a lot for your help).

Eventually we made it to the beach, everyone on the bus was singing and having a good time. Wow did I feel like a foreigner, such a strange feeling. I mean I know I am, I feel it everyday, but last night I felt like a stupid foreigner... hmmmm? Anyway I decided to go enjoy the fireworks but to leave early to be sure I would catch a cab. I saw the display and it was beautiful, amongst the best I have ever seen and I made it home safely via a taxi. So I guess it's safe to say my mission was accomplished, but not as smoothly as I might have liked.

Today I must have walked about 10 miles. Sunday is free museum day in Valenica. We went to el Museo de Bella Artes. Gorgeous!! We also walked around the east western side of the city and walked through many streets and neighborhoods I hadn't seem before. It was a nice mellow day, I used my dictionary some to try to decipher but it was kind of nice to take a break from the studying. When I came home I studied a bunch of vocabulary and felt ok about it. Monday I will ask my teacher for extra help with conjugating verbs. We started future and past tense and I am sill trying to understand present uses... ahhhhh.

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P.A. GIbbons said...

Dana; what a funny story. The other day I got an email from my friend in Puerto Rico who said all I could figure was that he was saying hahahaha. Guess I was right!

Well you got back home ok. Wish I was there on a few adventures with you!

xxpatti o