Wednesday, July 9, 2008

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It occurred to me today that it has been one week since I left NY and I think I have only posted one blog. I have been so busy as it seems almost every move requires more effort that at home. Not having a car has been great. I love the walking. I have strolled home from downtown through several different areas and I think I found my favorite way today, at least so far. The walk from my home from school (mí casa de escuela) is about 2 miles or 3 km. Today’s walk took me only a few blocks out of the way, but it was just lovely. I walked down one avenue that had a park down the middle of it, and then made a left in to another park that goes all the way around most of the city, then yet another park just a few blocks from home. It gave me a sense of nature to see the trees, flowers, bushes and birds. The parks always seem a few degrees cooler than the streets too. The heat hasn’t bothered me at all, in fact the morning I woke up feeling chilled.

After the walk Erin and I came home, made lunch and went to the beach. The beach is only a tram ride away which we pick up just around the corner. It never seems to be too packed though I hear I may feel differently in August. About half the women there are topless which feels so liberating. Though today as we were laying out this little boy, 7 maybe, kept passing buy saying something about tetas (sp) lol… I wasn’t sure exactly what he was saying but he was pointing at me so…. ?¿?¿?

School is intensive, five days a week, four hours a day… I love it. I feel like my brain is constantly sponging information. Whether reading, listening, or trying to speak. I am constantly trying to decipher information. It’s exhausting, but in an inspiring kind of way. Each day I can understand more. I have been able to ask for directions, order food, ask for band-aides (for my blistered feet) and point out nouns as I see them… sounds funny but I am almost constantly with book in hand trying to understand something as simple as an advertisement on the street.

Mí profesor is great. He is patient with a great sense of humor. What can be better? My class, at the moment, has a few people from England, the Netherlands, Serbia (my flat mate) and I think a German lady that is very afraid to speak at all. It’s a nice mix of people of all different ages and backgrounds… I don’t think I am the oldest in the class and if I am it doesn’t matter… I thought it might, but I just don’t care.

Getting used to the schedule here is not easy. People go to work later for the most part and then practically the whole city closes in the afternoon only to open again in what we would call early evening. No happy hour... lol… or maybe happy hour all day. Most of the time we can find someplace to sit and have a café con leche o cervesa. Sundays are dead… nada…it’s almost funny, but definitely foreign, but than again it is all foreign… I love it!!

I’m dying for my Internet service to be turned on which should happen in the next couple of days. Then I will be able to post more, reply to emails, use skype, research apartments, jobs, use the “yellow pages”, etc, etc, etc. Until then I wait patiently and enjoy the freedom of few attachments and commitments.

Until then, I miss all who are not here… wait, that’s pretty much everyone I know… wow!! Keep sending good thoughts but know I am safe and happy.


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