Saturday, July 26, 2008


Last night...
Mí amigo, Stevie, from England left today (Sat.) so last night Erin and I threw a little party in his homor. He has kind of been the leader of the pack since we all arrived, he gathered everyone's numbers and always made sure no one was left out. Though he always tried to act like he didn't care... he did and showed. He's already missed by all. of us.

The party started early for españa, maybe 9PM. We bought snacks and everyone brought beer and wine. We drank for a couple of hours than headed to the Jardines del Real (the park down the street) for a free concert. The band played Queen songs entirely and they were pretty good, though once again I was hoping for some español and little appeared. At one point we were all up close to the stage dancing and singing... yeah a bit tipsy too, what a great time. I was smiling proud to be amongst these new people singing old tunes such as "We are the Champions", "We Will Rock You" and" Bohemian Rhapsody". I simply couldn't feel alone while such memorable songs were playing and I was dancing with my new amigas... and

This morning I met with Adriana, my language exchange partner. Intercambio, as they call it is very popular everywhere in Europe, but not so much in the US... at least none was found in Craigslist in the Hudson Valley. (¿ Craigslist flawed... could it be?). Anyway she is wonderful. She is from Urugua (South America) and has been in Valencia for 10 years. She was very empathetic of the culture change as she has been in my shoes before. I really like her.

Sometimes now I think (a veces ahora creo) in my head like Spanglish... I know some of the Spanish words that I want to say but they get mixed in my head with English words... though I don't let it come out that way too often. I get very frustrating trying to write in Spanish and think about buying a Spanish keyboard so that the letter "ñ" por ejamplo does not require me to push 5 keys in order to appear on my screen.

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