Friday, July 25, 2008

la playa por la mañana

the beach in the morning or tomorrow... either way it fits.

This has been a rough week for me. I think my aunt passing away was very was difficult for everyone who knew her but for me it brought about a whole new set of issues. Here I am so very far away. I miss my family regularly, but to not be there in this time of need was really hard for me. I am a caretaker, it is what I do. I have always taken care of my family, especially my parents ( to some degree). To not be there for my mom was so hard... I called as often as I could and tried to comfort from afar, but there is nothing that can actually replace a hug.... nada.

I'm feeling bit better today. I love it here in Valencia. They say it has over 300 days a year of total sunshine... some days have minor clouds for brief periods, but mostly the weather is perfect... though some say too hot, I don't think so. The people are friendly and the more Spanish I speak the friendlier they are I spent two hours with un hombre (a man) the other day doing a language exchange. He speaks no English except he can say his numbers, hello and yes.... lol. After two hours of me trying to speak to him, it finally began to flow a bit and then he had to go to work. He is a photographer and I might help him out with a project, more on that if it happens... don't worry nothing inappropriate, I just don't want to jinx it.

Tomorrow I meet with a woman for another language exchange... She is a couple of years older than me and I know she at least types in English beautifully. We will to meet at the beach and see how it goes. I'll be happy to know someone my age.

During this difficult and emotional week I decided I needed a better bathing suit. Since I lost weight this year and more since I got here, I thought the tankini I had bought was too much. Most every woman wears bikinis here no matter how big or small. So began the quest for a new bikini, not to mention the stress. Seriously, I tried on over 40 before I found not one but two I was happy with... I love them. Even though I still would like to slim down more, I feel more comfortable in a bikini here and letting myself be natural, than to try to cover myself.... and know what? I look pretty good if I do say so myself. I'm looking forward to wearing one to the beach tomorrow... but ahhhh which one?

The Serb sisters went away for the weekend so Erin and I are having a little party with some classmates. Stevie, the young Brit boy who is the life of every party, is leaving to go home tomorrow... so we are giving him a proper farewell. Afterward, there is a free concert at a park near my house so I think we may move the party there.
As so many things in life, only time will tell.

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P.A. GIbbons said...

I am so sorry Dana for your loss and heartache. A big hug from me.

I had a visit yesterday at the nursing home w/my mother who is not well. Ah...what we have to deal with at this stage of our lives. Talking about her medical desires, and burial wishes. I am not ready for this. I don't know that I ever recovered from the nightmare of my father's death.

But we go on. Have some sun for me in that hot little bikini. If ex father in law were not here, I would go in the backyard and do the same.