Thursday, July 17, 2008

Another lesson learned...

There are times when being here is so overwhelming and lonely. Class today sucked… I felt like I wanted to burst into tears. I didn’t understand what the hell my teacher was talking about and it was very frustrating. In the end, he apologized because I was not the only feeling confused. It scared me a lot though. There are moments when I think I am trying to do too much at once and fear I can’t handle it. Most of the time I feel quite confident but today is not one of those days… today I just feel like crying and I want someone to hold me and tell me everything is going to be ok… but there is no one so I only l can comfort myself. How lucky I was to be writing this when suddenly a friend calls and reminds me I am not all alone, and that things will be ok... Timing is everything.

Things here are good but mentally exhausting. When everything is in a different language my mind has to work in ways it never has before and think in a whole new way. It's good, but tiring sometimes. Today was really tough at school, I came home and vented and cried for a bit then picked myself up and got back on the Metro heading for a previously scheduled private lesson with a different teacher. She spoke almost entirely in Spanish to me the whole time and when I didn't understand she explained without speaking English. In my class, we all say the English word for something when we realize what he means... anyway it was different to be in class alone.

When I left my lesson, it was 5:45 and raining but I had planned on walking home in the rain anyway, until I saw the Cine.... There were about 10 movies playing and guess which one I just had to see. Sexo en Nueve York!!! LOL... yes... it was dubbed so all I heard was español. I'm sure I didn't get all of it... but it wasn't exactly what I would call a "thick plot"... it was a good a experience good me. I listened to the pronunciation and caught words I recognized and knew the meaning of and others that I recognized but couldn't remember what they meant. I felt a lot better afterward. I walked home a different way again and didn't get lost for more than a block or two before I could figure out where I was. It's hard because the street names are so unfamilar seeing how they are foreign and

Anyway, across the street from my home there is a place called Don Carlo Comida Italiana. They are hardly ever open (due to strange Siesta hours) but, I caught them when I was so hungry so I stopped and got a small pie. It was delicious... but someone fried an egg in the middle of it!!! Strange addition to what I am used to.

At the end of the day I broke out my inks and played with my colors for a while... it felt good too.

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P.A. GIbbons said...

love that painting. full of life and mystery and very organic yet colorful. Like your life.