Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Spanish Bagels!!!

My apologies for not having written in a while. I have had an incredibly busy week, especially for a girl without a job!! I am loving that, but have been preparing myself to go back to work. Schools don't start here until October and the hiring begins in September so..... things should start happening for me soon.

I haven't time to write much, but I will tell a funny story and leave you with some pics to ponder.
Stacey is here from NY visting and we are having a great time!

Today, Stacey and I were walking home, enjoying the sights and enjoying each other when I saw it!!! The sign!

¡¡¡Spanish Bagels!!!

I though I was going to die and just had to stop and check it out. There are no bagels in Spain, or so I thought! I went in and saw two guys working behind the counter, so I asked... "How are your bagels?". One guy, Mike, explained to me that one of the machines was broken, but he thought they were pretty good usually. So, of course, I had to go into to my whole song and dance..."I am from NY and I grew up on bagels and I am so curious to try yours!!" So we spoke for a bit and it hit me!!! This is the perfect place for me to work while I am searching for a teaching job. I know bagels... lord knows I know the restaurant business and, most importantly, I can practice my Spanish!!!!!

So I asked if they needed any help. He said, "Well kinda, how is your Spanish?" Off the tip of my tongue rolled out the words, "Yo hablo español un pocito pero necesito a practicar. Yo voy escuela para español y quiero a hablar mejor." HOLY SHIT!!! I said that! in English it means I speak Spanish a little, but I need to practice. I go to school for Spanish and I want to speak better!!! He said good... not knowing that I couldn't really relay much more than that.. but hey who cares.. that rolled right off my tongue... pretty much! I was so psyched. So, long story short, we exchanged numbers and he seemed interested. I told him I was only looking for part time work and that I was hoping to teach teach English soon, but meanwhile I would love to work some place like this and I know bagels!! Maybe while teaching I could still work part time.

He said he was one of two bagel shops in Spain.... Life is so funny sometimes... I just can't even believe it!
I mean really... a bagel shop in Valencia!!! Tengo que trabajar allí... yo tengo!

And now... some pics.. well a lot of pics... I think 93 or so... look at what you like and enjoy.


Muchos besos... I am well and very happy... thanks for all the concerns and questions about when the next blog is coming.

PS... I am saving the bagels for the morning, we are going to la Tomatina Fiesta por la mañana!!!! Look it up or wait for the next entry, either way you'll laugh... I promise.


Libby said...

Glad to hear you're busy and not under the weather. Loved the pics - you're right there IS something about that water bottle beach pic! Enjoy the bagels!! LN

Anonymous said...

Glad to hear you're busy and not under the weather. Loved the pics - you're right there IS something about that water bottle beach pic! Enjoy the bagels!!

Anonymous said...

Hey! Stumbled upon your page when I googled Bagels in Valencia, Spain. Do you have the address of the bagel shop? I'm dying for a bagel!!!!

dlm to the world said...

You got it!!
Avda. Maria Cristina 3b
Nearby Plaza del Ayuntamiento

Good luck and enjoy!

CND said...

My name is César and I also Googled "Bagels in Spain". I'm 60 miles south of Valencia and I'm wondering if you found the bagel shop and how were the bagels.

Hope they were good,