Monday, August 4, 2008

bueno, bonito y bararo

It's kind of strange that it is getting harder for me to write.
Each day more words are popping into my head as Spanish mixed with English... well it's still mostly English, I just hear more Spanish than ever. It's a sounds little weird when I try to explain it, so perhaps I won't. I will say this though, I understand more everyday.

This weekend some friends and I went El Puig, a small Pueblo outside of the city. We watched the running of the bull. I was separated from the group for a bit when the bull ran into the square in which we had safely stationed ourselves. For almost an hour I sat and spoke with these two old men, yes in Spanish! Well, truth be told, they did most of the talking but I listened and answered. Sure I had to ask them to repeat and slow down, but in the end we all got a kick out of it and I am pretty sure one of them wanted to introduce me to his son the They were lovely men, though a bit on the dirty-old man side, if you know what I mean..

Sunday, I went to a Formula One barbeque at my new place-to-be. There were about 20 people there from Spain, France, Holland, Belgium, Great Britain, and one other from the US. It was a lot of fun. I watched and listened to people speak and attempted a wee bit of Spanish on my own, but it's really hard a large group. About half the people there were ESL teachers so I asked a lot of questions and made a few connections. Finally, I came home to relax for a bit before my friend Ed came over to say good-bye. His flight left Monday morning, but little did we know that he would miss it. Now I get 4 more days with my amigo... well now only 3.
Yesterday. I started to attend afternoon classes at the school because they wanted to move me out of the beginners class. I have a new teacher, Miguel, he is very nice to look at.. oh yeah, and he seems like an excellent teacher as well. What's nice is, the class is full of new students and while I miss the old group a bit, I know more about what's going on and was able to answer a lot of questions. Miguel asked me if I wanted to move to a higher group, but I decided I would rather stay here a bit to reinforce what I have been learning and to gain some confidence with my speech. I think this will help a lot. Everyone keeps telling me... poco a poco... little by little... I like that. I find that often that it is easier for me to have patience with others than with myself. So I try to keep in mind that I deserve a break too... sometimes it's not easy.

Between class yesterday I found a flea market in my new neighborhood which is just a few blocks from school. I bought 3 new pairs of shoes... they are all very comfortable. look great, were super cheap and 2/3 are made here in Spain... I love them!!!

My new favorite expression for shopping... bueno, bonito y barato.... good, pretty and cheap!!!
Pero suena mejor en españaol. But it sounds better in Spanish.

The dilemma today... which new pair should I wear????
Life is good and I am grateful.

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