Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Radio City

Tonight I went to an overcrowded bar called Radio City with my friends from school. There was live Flamenco dancing and music. The music was fantastic, so passionate and alive. It was too crowded to see much of the dancing so for a while I stood apart from the crowd, closed my eyes and felt just the music. I would like to go again, only earlier so I have a better view.

I can't deal with not having a camera much longer. I vow to have one by this weekend.

My teacher told us today that the Spanish think Tuesdays are bad luck.
En Martes ni te cases ni te embarques.
On Tuesday don't get married nor embark (like on a ship)!
Shouldn't be a problem, though if I get the invite... on a ship I may go. I'll keep my fingers crossed though so I should be just fine.

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