Saturday, August 16, 2008

13h, is what they call it here, 1PM that's when I woke up today. Yesterday was a holiday, though I am still not sure why. Julie had the day off and the weather was perfect so we rode out bikes to the beach and laid out for a few hours. While laying in the sun I decided I wanted to cook us dinner. Each time this happens to me I feel a little closer to being healed (I guess) from the years behind me. I wanted to cook something fine and I wanted to share it with my friends who were already planning to come for a movie night on the terrace. After the beach we went to OpenCor... the "7/11" of Spain... but not really... in fact not even close... but it is open more than any other store at least here in Valencia. I made a delicious healthy meal using eggplant, zuchini, tomato, and some peas with a little bit of turkey filets and pasta. It was delicious and light. Afterward we continued sitting on the terrace and watched movies, "In Brouge" was one of them. Brilliantly done movie that managed to make fun of the homelands of 3/4 people viewing with me....We were cracking up! I highly recommend the film.

Today I am feeling very tired even though I slept so late. I was invited by an American guy, Mike, to watch the US vs. España Olympic basketball game in a bar today at 16h. I am kinda psyched about that, though a wee bit nervous too! People get awfully funny here about their sports, but at the same time I couldn't miss it now could I?

Bummer... as it turns out all the bars with TV's were closed, so we watched the US kick Spain's ass at the place where Mike is staying with some friends. It was fun, but not quite the scene I was hoping for. Mike sat me down for a little pep talk afterward. He is 30, a corporate lawyer in DC and had lived in Valencia for 3 years or something. He wants nothing more that to return here, but the heavy load of student debt prevents him from doing so at this point. As my "American brother", he gave me some tips on the "do's and don'ts" of the Valencian immigrant scene and let me know that so far I was doing pretty damn good for myself... I knew that:)... He also reminded me that I am "green" here and people can smell it on me, so I should be careful about who I trust. He says if I have any doubts, don't trust them then proceeded to give me a list of people from lands I should never trust.... I have heard this list before and sometime will share it, but it seems strange to me to make such stereotypes, though here it is done so frequently.

Unfortunately,Mike leaves on Monday to go back to the hectic 60+ hour work week he detests so very much. He says he is back every few months, I have know doubt. Once being here, it is hard not to want to return. In a big part, that''s what happened to me.

Off to lunch with a friend. Tomorrow I will go to school again and feel a little more like I am doing something. Four days off has already been too much when I only go 2 hours a day anyway. What a busy chica I have been.

PS... My spell check and photo uploader thingy has not worked in quite some time. I am not sure what to do about it and I hate posting without having something to proofread it, but alas there is little I can do about it right now. Damn... I have some fun pics to post too. :(

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P.A. GIbbons said...

writing from kentucky where we say HOLA! Megan sends muchos besos to you. Did Stacey arrive yet? I am so jealous. Hmm...I wonder if I can make my way to Spain in the next year....

xxpatti o