Thursday, August 7, 2008

I have waited 5 weeks for this new friend. Introducing mí nueve bicicleta....::)

As per Patti's request... here is a picture of one pair of new sandalias... super comfy and stylin'!!!

Seeing how there are pictures on the blog again., guess what else I got....

I think it is even better than the last one. It has more zoom ability, rechargeable batteries and it is much more compact with a stylish carrying case that I can hang from a belt loop or my purse. So far it only speaks to me in Spanish so I will try to master it without changing the language, yet another way to learn right?

I shopped around a lot and was nervous about making these large purchases on my own without the ability to communicate clearly. What's done is done and I have a new way to get around town and keep memories of what I see and who I meet.
Bueno, bueno, bueno!!!!!
Go me :))

¡Ahora iré a la playa!
Now I will go to the beach!


P.A. GIbbons said...

Nice shoes, I would wear them, Tres chic.

Nice bike too.

Nice chic.

hugs, patti o

Anonymous said...

Buenas dias! I love your new bike and that mean tan you've got goin' on!