Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Heat wave...

Yesterday was the first day the heat really got to me. It was still breezy as always, but the breeze itself was hot and humid and the temperature was over 40C or 104F. It was gross. After school I had planned to go to the beach, but the wind was so intense it would not have been a pleasurable experience. The sand is very fine here and it gets everywhere even on a breezy day. Anyway, it was too hot to do anything, so I just didn't move until the evening. Luckily I promised Julie we would meet for tapas so I had to get up and go out.

Last night Julie and I sat on the terrace and watched fireworks across town. Valencianos love their fireworks and nearly every night one can see them going off some where in the city. It's nice, sometimes a bit noisy, but I like it.

Today the wind is so strong I had to close more door and it's only 80F... the weather is weird everywhere I guess. In spite of the "cold spell" I had a great afternoon. After school I went out with my new amiga Cleo de Londones. We went to her friend, Nicola's house and then out to lunch at an Armenian restaurant. Delicious and light.... first meal I had in days, and the only one today. There is something about being here that makes me not want to eat much, although the food is fantastic. Just little bits at a time, I could eat tapa style forever.

There really is nothing terribly exciting to report. The city is all but completely closed due to the August holidays and I am enjoying the quiet time. Tomorrow I will try to get to the beach again... weather permitting.

Me siento fortunado.... I feel fortunate.

I cant get blogger to open the window so that I can upload images.... sorry no pics for now.

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