Friday, August 1, 2008

¿Cómo está mi español?

The big question I get from everyone... How is my Spanish????

Well the following is a perfect example, but first let me explain.

I have met a woman, Adriana, via LoQuo, (similar to Craigslist) with whom I do a language exchange. Her English is far more advanced then mí española, but she doesn't seem to mind. She is about my age, has been in españa for 10 years and is from South America. She is very bright and friendly and I enjoy her a lot. We use Skype and email to communicate pretty much daily, plus we meet once a week.

Today I decided, for the sake of practice, I wanted to write in Spanish about my new flat... well I think it is my new flat, at least I want it to be. Anyway, I wrote what I thought was a fairly decent paragraph and asked Adriana to check it for me. LOL... the following is our correspondence. Her corrections, all of which I am thankful for, are in red. The reason I post this is not for anyone to try to figure out what I was saying, just to show how many mistakes there were in my writing and how much I have learned and have yet to learn. Please don't try to translate...that would be crazy!

Quiero hablarte a tú de mi piso nueve nuevo... vale?

Está en el piso noveno... ocho pisos con el elavador ascensor (if you say elevador, people can undertsand you but here in Spain they use ascensor) y (uno pisos) un piso con las escleras.
El salón, la cocina y el baño (is muy un pocito) son pequeños pero (mí) mi dormitorio es (medio) mediano.
(De mí) Mi dormitorio (es) tiene una terraza con plantas, (la) una mesa y (mucho) muchas sillas. (Más) Otra (escleras) escalera va a otra terraza (otro) donde se puede ver (la vista de) las montañas, el mar y (ciuidad todos) toda la ciudad... (el) la vista es hermosa.
Julie es de (Belgium) Bélgica, será (mí campenera nueve) Mi compañera nueva. Es viente y cinco agosto de 4... Leo así mí.

Tiene veinticinco años y es del 4 de agosto. Es Leo como yo.

The good news is, I think I kind of got my point across... she knew what I was trying to say and I barely used the dictionary because these particular words were in my head.

Basically it says... I want to tell you about my new flat.... ok?

It is on the 9th floor, 8 floors by elevator and 1 floor by stairs. The living room, kitchen and bathroom are small and the bedroom is medium sized. From my room there is a terrace with plants, a table and many chairs. There is another staircase to another terrace (the roof) and from there you can see the mountains, the sea and the whole city.
My new flat-mate is Julie from Belgium. She is 25 on August 4th and a Leo like me.

Yes... I know... the writing is very basic, but the flat is still great (and CHEAP!!!!) and I may even get to move in before my birthday!! Too bad I have no camera to take pictures... maybe buying one will be a project for this weekend.

It's weird how the Spanglish is seeping into my brain... even when I write now some words come out in Spanish instead of English and my brain gets confused. They tell me I should stop everything that is related to English, writing, talking reading... thinking... all of it!?!?! But how can I do that? I feel like I will never be able to communicate as well in Spanish and if I stopped all the writing I have been doing I just might spontaneously combust.

Sometimes the whole experience reminds me of the first grade when I was learning to read and write. It's like I can feel those same feelings again.. The frustrations and joys of putting together a new sentence. I have no doubt my empathy for this type of learning will be apparent when I enter a classroom as a teacher again.

Such a bizarre feeling.

Hey! Can anyone tell me how the spell check on my blogger window could be broken? It hasn't worked in weeks and claims everything is always correct?!?!?


Stevie said...


Tu conseguiste el piso de la fiesta!! Este muy bien! Es mucho dinero?

Oh oh oh! Voy a Valencia en Septiembre para dos semanas!

Muchos saludos para todos el gente!


P.A. GIbbons said...

Dana; you cannot stop writing in English cause then I can't read up on your adventures which I have come to treasure. My Spanish is limited to curses and bad words, so I can't read even the most basic words :(

love you and HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!!
ps what is your address?