Wednesday, June 25, 2008

To bring or not to bring??

After all the packing I have done, the downsizing of stuff in the last year, I sit here looking again. What to stay, what to store and what to simply get rid of? The "stuff" part was the easiest... almost everything went. Very few things have been stored as far as chachkas or knick knacks or what have you. Now it's all coming down to the final cut... the wardrobe, the clothes, the shoes, belts, hats, scarves, all of it... some of it??? Not to even mention art supplies, toiletries, educational materials, books, etc. This is the tough part. I tend to over pack as it is, "just in case" kinda thinking... Now I have to be very deliberate. Luckily it's summer, clothes are lighter and I can fit more into a suitcase... ok two suitcases, but one is really small.

Summer shoes are easier to pack than winter shoes, I shouldn't have to part with my favorite
s, right? I constantly remind myself that they have killer shoes in Spain... I mean I 'm sure I'll come home with more shoes than I left with, but how many should I leave with? I was pretty secure with 5 pairs, but then I had forgotten about this pair and that pair and what about the red ones and the little black ones??? Sneakers, something to hike in, something for interviews, dancing, going out, comfortable walking, whoaaaaa!!!

Is 8 pair too many??? ... I promise to try for less, but there are no guarantees with this particular issue.

Seriously though, it is strange where we focus our energy sometimes, I know this, yet I can't seem to help myself.

Almost everything is out of my room now. It's stark and the walls are bare. My dresser is all but empty and there are only a few items hanging in my closet. For at least the rest of today and tomorrow I can focus on having a good time and sayings, "see ya's" to my friends. It's kind of a lonely feeling, but not in a bad way... more like an alone feeling. There is still a lot to be done before I go, but everything is going as planned so far. My dear Reagan reminds me that it is all luxury problems or issues that I have to deal with, nothing I can't handle and nothing I shouldn't be grateful for.

The truth is I remain grateful for everything I have experienced this year, I am not sure I would have changed anything even if I could have.

Great song... And perfect for the occasion.

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