Thursday, June 19, 2008

¿Seré tan lo que?

I will be so what?

This past weekend:

After a dinner with my dad, my brothers and some friends Friday night at café española that was muy delicioso, we head to club to listen to some music. We were hanging out and dancing a bit when in walks this gentleman dressed to the "T" holding a guitar. I couldn't help but notice him and I had a hunch, so I asked, "Pardona Señor, may I ask where you are from?". He smiles wide and tells me Barcelona. I return the smile and say, "Really? I am going to be living in Valencia starting in two weeks!". Before I knew it, his arms were around me and I was getting a great, big, bear hug. "Momma" he says, ""You will be so happy, you will love it so much !!" He asks who I am with so I introduce him to my family and friends as he hugs each one with equal enthusiasm. I am beaming with glee and my whole family is looking at me like I am the nutty one. He speaks a few words to my "Papá" as he says and then goes over to his guitar case and pulls out some papers and puts them in a beautiful handmade paper envelope. The envelope in handed to Papá with clear instructions for me not to open it until I am on the plane. Papá accepts the envelope and hands it to me later.

I have it. I have not opened it, my dad checked it out, but didn't read it. I'm curious, but will wait. They say the best things in life are worth waiting for. I think I can hang in there a couple more weeks. Chau to the senñor in the club.

Next night, party in Kingston. I am reintroduced to a woman from the Basque country (northern Spain). Her name is Raquel and she is beautiful. A thousand hugs from Raquel who also spent a year of her life in Valencia. She gives me lists of places to go in and around the city We speak for hours. Dozens of times she says to me with extreme fervor, "You are going to love it so much, you will be so happy, you will die!!" Finally Reags chimes in, "Stop telling her that!!" Raquel somehow changes the subject to the Spaniards love for Oak trees and expresses more love for these tress than I have ever heard anyone express about anything in my life!! In her defense, it might have been the wine doing 'some' of her talking.

I love the passion, I love how it feels like no one is afraid to feel or to show it. Once again a weekend for which to be grateful.

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