Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Missing home.

I just noticed this post in my drafts and got a giggle out of it so I decided to post it even though it seems like it's from ages ago.

Two weeks until I leave my home and everyone I know to cross the ocean and experience something new. Something new? Well, lots of 'somethings' new I think. A friend asked me recently if I will be able to live without the American lifestyle things I am used to, or I guess for how long really. It made me think.

My first response would be, "Sure, no problem." The truth is I do not know, mostly because I don't know what I will miss. I won't miss typical American things like Walmart or McDonalds, I never go to those places anyway plus I can't stand that they even exist. I won't miss the crazy consumerism which no matter how hard I try and resist, I am still somehow a part of. Though, in my defense, I don't shop nearly as much as many of my fellow Americans and I don't shop on credit. What I buy, I pay for with cash. I might miss my car sometimes, but I feel so good about not buying gas and further polluting the world that I don't mind not having a car at all. It'll be nice to be a part of a world that doesn't depend on their own vehicle to get them places. So what American things will I miss I wonder.

Well of course there are my friends and family. My true friends will remain true whether an ocean divides us, or merely a neighborhood. My family will stick by me through thick and thin and we are so scattered these days anyway, it's rare that I get to see them at all. Though since I planned this trip I have seen all but one or two cousins in the past few months, not to mention my brothers, father and mother too (oh yes and my one and only aunt). Still though, I will miss them, it's true... most especially my girlfriends.

Everyone keeps saying to me don't worry you will meet some hot Spanish guy and you'll have a man in no time, as if this is all I am searching for. What I think I will long for the most is friendships, like the kind I have now only different because everything will be different. So how does a girl like me meet a girlfriend when she can barely speak the language? That remains to be seen. People who have known me a long time tend not to believe me when I say I can be shy, but the truth is I become shy in new situations when I care about the outcome. I tend to close up and over think things a bit... well, ok, maybe more than a bit.

Long before my separation, I have been trying to simplify my life. Selling things, giving them away, storing them in boxes in the basement that eventually were either sold or given away. I became so tired of shopping for something to do, though seriously, I was never as bad as most. My biggest downfall is clothes and shoes and I know women with far larger closets than I (though I have always had some envy of that). Even that has slimmed down drastically.

My job? Will I miss my job? My first response would be no way, but it is June and so I am burnt on the kids, the politics and the bull shit that goes along with the work that I do. I am very ready for a change there. I imagine, after sometime, I might get to a point that I miss it, but I am not totally convinced of that either.

The truth is only time will tell what I will miss, or not miss. The nice thing is, home will always be here because here is where I know I am loved.

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