Sunday, January 20, 2008

Only one year left!?!?!?

On this day, in one year from today, the United States America will be swearing in a new president.... now the countdown may begin.

When sworn in for a second time (and how this happened, I will never know!) Bush gave world leaders a choice between oppression and freedom. He stated that it would be the policy of the US to end tyrannies and support democracies in every nation and culture. Furthermore, he claimed that the US would help spread freedom, but not because we believe we are a chosen nation, but because it is a permanent goal of mankind.... to him I say, so long as there are leaders like you in the world, we will never be free.
He spoke of freedom for minorities throughout the world, but let our own citizens of New Orleans suffer horribly after Hurricane Katrina (8/05) ... they are a minority, didn't they count.... some are still living in moldy trailers, and learning in moldy schools. Other fled New Orleans, a city they called home, displaced and unable to ever return. They are hungry, poor and suffering... why doesn't he fight for their freedom from oppression?
He claims America "brings the highest standards to our schools", but we as teachers are under-staffed, over crowded and are being introduced to a whole new population of children many of which can barely read or write and are very angry! These are the same children Bush promised to protect under his "No Child Left Behind Act"... I am only one teacher, in one small part of the country, and I can't even count how many children I know that have been "left behind" since this glorious act came to be.
During previous wars, presidents have turned to the people of the US and asked them to help out. Help by conserving metals or food, entering women and minorities into the work force, buying bonds, saving money, supporting soldiers, etc... This president has asked nothing of us during the invasion except to be patient, because it will be quick anyway. In fact, why is there no government campaign for us to conserve all and slow down our dependence on non-renewable resources. How about tax breaks for alternative heat sources and energy for cars. Most people I know have turned down their heat several degrees this winter, but that's mostly because of the high costs. We need to feel like we are doing something right... like a morale booster... ok USA let's get together and stop using so much oil... not because it puts a hole in out pockets, but because if we work together, we might make a difference... and we want to make a positive difference... and the world might notice....
Oh, well, we have been asked to keep the economy going by shopping more. In fact, we have even been encouraged to shop for homes by lowering interest rates... all of which keeps 'we the people' in debt which leads us to fear... which leads us to need to be led... and sometimes blindly.... the psychology behind it all sounds a bit paranoid... but only if you let them make you think so.
My fear is the next president won't be much different. I wish someone would stand up and say, "America are you ready for a change? No... I mean a genuine change!" I love this country for so many reasons, but every day I become more disenchanted and embarrassed of its behavior. I am ready for a change... I can feel it deep in my bones....

The world is watching us, what will happen next????

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