Sunday, January 27, 2008

Len Court

The first time I saw this house, I knew I wanted it. The location, its sturdiness, the woodwork and the little dead end street, I loved it all. As we walked around for the first time, I felt at home and like it fit us. We put an offer in right away and the owner thought it over. He was in the house when we first looked so he told us about all the work he had done and also what he'd like to finish doing, but just no longer had the energy. After he thought for some time, he decided he wasn't ready to sell and took it off the market. We were crushed. This was May 2002, one month after Ken and I were married.

Instead of doing nothing, which was certainly an option, I decided to write the owner a letter. In it, I told him how much we loved the work he had done and how we really felt comfortable there. I also agreed with his plans to continue renovations and make it a comfortable home for us. Finally, I asked him, that if he should ever reconsider, to please contact us and give us a opportunity to buy it. I dropped the letter on his porch under a rock and a little hand painted frog I had sitting on a shelf. It's funny because I don't know why I gave him the frog, I just did.

For months we looked at other houses and nothing appealed to us like Len Ct. I was hooked on that house. Then one day in September, I was rushing around getting ready for work, when my heal got caught on the stairs and I sprained my ankle (same ankle as the other two sprains). I spent the morning in the ER then home with some pain killers, a blanket and my TV. Early afternoon, there was a knock on my door, it was the owner of the Len Ct. house I loved so much. He said he was ready to sell and if we still wanted it, he wouldn't even show it to anybody else. He also said that the little frog I had given him, sat on his window sill in the kitchen, so he often thought about us because of it. In addition, that if we did buy the house, the frog would be included.

Long story short, we bought the house and spent the past 5 years working hard to make it look exactly how we wanted it to .... The problem is, I guess, that we didn't work enough on other things too. We became engulfed in home improvements of the material kind. What that got us was a gorgeous looking home, filled with frustration and anger.

So now, we have signed a binder for the next owners. They love the place and all we have put into it. They also love the idea of the community in which it belongs. There are not too many places left that have such a strong sense of community. We were lucky to have been a part of it. Kingston is a great town, I love it here, but Len Ct,. to me, is the most special place in this town. I am glad to be passing the product of our hard work and dedication on to the next couple and I hope they find peace and happiness there.

It looks like we will be closing by the end of February... it's almost over, and although it's hard, I have never felt more free to be me... never ever...I want to take full advantage of this time and be the best I can be. Though I am nervous, I am looking forward to the changes that are and will be taking place in my life.

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