Monday, December 15, 2008

This weekend I:
  • wrote and wrote and wrote
  • spent hours on the phone talking and laughing
  • studied Castellano
  • saw a movie
  • looked at pics
  • yelled at me lawyer (long story)
  • did laundry
  • shopped a bit
  • helped decorate the flat with a bit of Christmas spirit
  • prepared packages to send to family
  • cleaned some
  • missed my peops
  • went out with my fabulous amigas on Thursday
  • said happy birthday to my darling, good fun at parties, excellent cook, pain in the ass friend, Chris!
On another note... Thursday I walked to the beach on my lunch break and took a bunch of funny pictures (see above). I was in such a silly, creative, punchy mood that I lost my phone... I guess one doesn't always have to have to do with the other... but, in my case it often does. I was on another planet and not paying attention to things... so I lost it and was very angry at myself... I was a bit manic... up, up, up at the beach then I crashed hard... I do that I a lot more than I ever realized.


The other theory is that when I put the phone into my pocket it jumped out of my pocket possibly because it wanted to stay at the beach longer or maybe it was tired of hearing me talk. It's possible it didn't realize how hungry I was or maybe it just didn't care.
I can't be sure. It is a very dear little, pink Motorala so it could have a mind of it's own no? Who should I blame for this, me or the phone? I am willing to accept either explanation, but, in fact, I think it is best not to blame either of us and just move on. The phone has since been returned by an incredibly sweet couple, but it is very broken and sick, I will have to replace it... again. Hopefully the next one will be more obedient or I might have to "let it fall under a car" too.

On yet another note...

Rubes... we gotta talk soon! Tell me, is there a Happy Hour, Christmas celebration on Friday?...Can I call and say hi to a few of my fabulous BOCES peops?... I miss you guys. Shhh don't tell but sometimes I really miss my job... but mostly the people: staff and kids... and not all of them heeheheheheheeeee... besos for you all!

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