Wednesday, December 17, 2008

This mornings sunrise taken with my crappy camera.

It's 8:05 AM and I have been awake for nearly three hours. Wide awake and not really feeling like doing much which sucks because I have a lot to do. I haven't sent out my Christmas presents yet, which means they will never get there by Christmas. Nor have I bought any presents for my friends here, which also sucks. I used to love to go out and buy things for people and now I feel kind of resentful that I feel like I have to. This is not the first year I felt like that, in fact every year for the past 5 years or so the feeling has become stronger and stronger. I am not even Christian so why should I feel obligated to celebrate a holiday that I believe has become twisted and turned into an abundance of mass consumerism... oh yeah, the crisis. I guess I should do my part by buying everything in the stores I can get my hands on. Perhaps I too should trample someone to death in an attempt to get the best deal possible or does that only happen in Walmart? There are no Walmarts here, except the French version called Carrefour.

I am tired and I hate Wednesdays because of my class schedule. I had to cancel my private lesson with Belen because I have progress reports due today and haven't been able to finish them due to the fact that I have to write them in Spanish. On top of that my boss is taking all of us out for a 5 course lunch today to celebrate the holidays. I hope people aren't exchanging gifts because no one told me and I have nothing. I used to keep things in the basement on the "regfting" shelf. I'm a firm believer in regifting because if I can find someone that likes something I don't than I have done a good deed. One year my... get this... ex-step-grandmother gave Ken and I the strangest little statue of a cat laying on it's back holding a glass bowl. Though I appreciated her generosity, it wasn't at all something I would display in my home, so we gave it to Ken's mom who loved it! See what I mean, what else should I have done with it?

It's almost time for my alarm clock to ring. Three solid hours after I woke up. I guess I will hit the showers early and try to get some shopping done before the crowds get in and I have to catch my 11:00 metro.

Of course instead I fell asleep and slept straight through to 10:15 and now I'm rushing like mad to catch my bus... gotta go.

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