Sunday, October 19, 2008

Wow, it's been a long time since I have written. This week has flown past, well actually this month.

I started working my full time hours...well kind of full-time. I still only actually teach 20 hours a week, but with the commute and the lunch break I am out of the house from about 10:45AM to 10:15PM. It's a long day, but I like it and I still have Friday thru Sunday off so I really can't complain. Also, I enjoy the work and am starting to get into a groove. The kids are a lot of fun and most are pretty adorable. I really had to learn how to work with the little ones, it's so different than my usual teen scene especially when you include the language barrier.

My boss, Ramona, has been very good to me too. She still seems happy to have me aboard and takes good care of me. In fact, last week when I told her I had a toothache, she had made an appointment with her dentist, drove me and translated for me. It was unbelievable. I was in tremendous pain and kind of terrified of going to a new dentist in a new land...etc, etc, etc. In the end it turns out I had an infection in a tooth which had spilt and a filling was pushing against a nerve... OUCH!!! I am now minus one tooth, on antibiotics but feeling much better... mucho mejor!!! Luckily it was a molar so you can't really tell unless I smile real big... so I don't, at least not for now.

Julie left last weekend. A friend drove us to the airport and I stayed with her until she walked through the gates (not realizing of course that I was still holding her jacket for her). I feel like I lost my friend. It's funny how well we connected even though we are in such different stages of our lives. New people moved in, a couple Dave and Klara. They are great people and I think it'll work out fine.

Meanwhile, I decided now that I am a bit more settled in my job, it's time to head back to language school. It seems the only time I can actually go to school is from 9-11AM. Then I will catch the Metro, which is practically outside the door of the school, to the bus to my the academy where I work. The problem is that I won't get home until 10:15, so my M-Th are going to be really crazy busy, but it's ok.. I don't mind, plus I still have viernes, sábado y domingo... ahhhh el fin de semana !!! I love it!!

Today I did a lot of cleaning but also relaxed. My friend Chris invited a bunch of us over for a proper English breakfast and some Formula One or Grand Prix... I forget. The food was great, but I really don't see the interest in the races.. I tried, but I just don't get it. He cooked us eggs, toast with baked beans, 3 kinds of sausages, black pudding, bacon, and sauteed mushrooms and tomatoes. Then of course there was tea and Mimosas... at 9:30AM. It's a miracle I got anything done at all, but honestly is there anything else like a Mimosa on a Sunday morning?

I am already set to go to work tomorrow. My books are in order, my clothes are picked out and I kind of feel like a little girl staring her first day of classes; a sensation that is becoming more familiar to me since I have been here. Everyday is another adventure though I am feeling more comfortable each day. Of course I will always miss my friends and family the most there are still little things that I miss about home... like a clothes dryer on a rainy weekend, diners, pizza, Franz and Gatene, and autumn in NY. Feel free to send some autumn pics.

The above pic? I just like it...

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P.A. GIbbons said...

good to hear from you again. What you are doing is amazing and life-changing. Bravo.