Monday, December 3, 2007


A simple 2 hour delay, but how it puts a smile on my face. Was feeling good about it all until I fell while carrying a mirror that belonged to my new roommate... shattered everywhere and even broke the frame. Does this mean my bad luck will begin now?... honestly, I'm in no mood for it so I think I will simply reject the entire notion and pay to replace the mirror.
Not much snow on the ground, but a lot of ice on my way to work (10AM) and the trees looked like they were glistening with Christmas tinsel. The sun is shining and it looks and feels like a beautiful day. Wishing I could take Monte to the park today instead of having to go to a meeting... seems like a good day to visit the Hudson and my pup.

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silvachelle said...

f%&@ that "break-a-mirror-bad-luck" baloney! Reject away, I say. The only bad that has ever come from breaking a mirror is if you don't clean up all the little pieces and you end up with one in your heel. Ouch. That hurts.