Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Feeling Twisted

So here we are, it's election day in the US of A...
I hope this year I don't cry like I did the last one (or two).
It's strange being here and not there in these times,
but selfishly,
I feel good about it .
I thought I wrote it,
but guess I didn't,
I voted about three weeks ago via absentee ballot.
Maybe I didn't write it because I don't really feel proud.

I will listen to the results
as things start to open over there.
Here I am 6 hours ahead.

Too bad that doesn't mean
I'll know what happens
before those in the US will...
think we could work a little
time machine into the time zones...
I babble..
I am nervous...
the whole thing gives me knots in my stomach...
I hate politics sometimes...
I really do.
I only partake because I feel it is my moral duty,
but I trust no one involved...
even as I cast my vote each election...
I really hate that..
I have only had the opportunity to vote for
what I believe to the be lesser of two evils
because the reality is no one can really be trusted...
at least this is how it seems to me.

It's time for change...
the US needs it and the world needs it
from us.

Please, at least, let things be fair.

So that was my bit of optimism for the day... and so early too... thanks to the wonderful world of blogger... it didn't com out like I had hope... twisted, but I guess it'll do.

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