Friday, May 30, 2008

damsel in distress

This morning, the car is packed with camping gear and merchandise to sell at Mountain Jam this weekend. I'm running around all morning getting ready for work and the weekend away. I'm psyched, in a great mood and ready to go. I get in my car and it barely moves. I get out and look and my front, right tire is completely flat! Oh noooooooo.... a million thoughts running through my head. I'll be late for work, I need the car to get to the work then to the mountain..... ahhhhh!!
Ok, so I gather myself and start unloading the back to get to the spare tire. I can do this right? I can change a tire. I mean really, I renovated an entire house the least I can do is change a flat tire. But does it have to be in my work clothes?? All tools are gathered and everything is ready and I think... first step, before you jack up the car loosen the lug nuts. No problem... ummm... yeah it is! I am not strong enough or let's say they were too tight instead. Tried all 5 of them and couldn't even get one to budge. All I could think is where is a man when you need one... and I hate that thought grrrrr... Who wants to need one???
So I stand there, thoughts running through my head. A year ago I would have just taken Ken's car and he would have had it fixed for me before I even got home from work. But now I must take care of myself... Ok, so what would I have done say 15 years ago?? Ummm.. call a tow truck? nahhh that seems silly. I would have stood there and waited for someone to help. Being a young and attractive woman, someone would surely help me... but I am not so young anymore and don't know if "i still got it"? I start to stress a bit and stand there trying to figure out my next move.
Suddenly, kind, young gentleman named Marlo comes to my rescue. He changed the tire in under 10 minutes. While he worked, he told me he had moved here from New Orleans and we talked about the devastation from Hurricane Katrina. I told him that last year my class helped raise over $2,000 for a school in New Orleans. He explained that he is engaged to a teacher, but is nervous about marrying her because every teacher he meets is divorced... I laughed about that one. Marlo assured me that a fine lady such as myself would never have to wait long for some to come and assist her... Ok... Could this guy read my mind or what?!? I thanked him kindly and gave him some cash telling him to take his lady out to a nice dinner.
Too funny.

Bottom line:
tire is fixed (apparently I had run over a screw)
and "I still got it!".
This pleases me:)

More about Mountain Jam after the weekend, meanwhile...

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Anonymous said...


Never doubted for a minute that you "Still got it!!!"

Great Story. Thanks for sharing.