Sunday, November 11, 2007

The boy...

Sitting on a friend's porch enjoying the autumn air when a boy comes out from inside this home. He carries with a man, made of Lego's, all primary colors, feet, a torso, arms and a head with a face drawn on it. He says, "Look, this is my daddy". He is only 7 years young and has met his 'daddy' once, in passing. When the child cries, he cries for 'daddy'. What a sad and angry child. How will he grow up?

I met this boy only a few times, yet he is in my heart. He is like so many of the children I see throughout my days. Sad and angry. The world brings them pain yet they survive. For some survival means simply waking up each morning, for others, successes are more apparent. Those who have the benefit of feeling love, from even just one person in their life who believes in them and teaches them about respect, can survive to be strong.

So many of these children walk through our doors every day, we are there for them. We work hard to teach them and support them in every way we can. They give us strength and make us tired.

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