Tuesday, September 9, 2008

¿¡ Antwerp en españa !?

Things I want to write about, but don't seem to have the time...
  • my new job, which starts today... I'll go in to set up the classroom and get things ready and help with some curriculum development. I will tell more about it soon.
  • how bad my new roomie, Julie rocks this world!!! She is the bomb and the cat's meow all wrapped in one.
  • the fact that I just spent the past two days with a basketball team and owners from Antwerp, Belgium and laughed so hard... so hard my face actually hurt last night... seriously... it hurt... and the funny part was I only understood half of what they were saying... but they were drunk and telling jokes and just so funny, "they" being the owners, sponsors and coaches... the boys, or players, were quiet in comparison, though still funny as hell.
  • that while hanging out with these wonderful Belgians I was treated to several fine meals, a catamaran trip, dancing, tapas, countless drinks.... oh yes and two basketball games, one against Ibiza and the other against Valencia... Ibiza won, Valencia lost... Julie and I cheered on the players with the men... really...
  • ¿me? How on earth did I get here?... and how many times was I asked that question this weekend? Why are you in Spain?... lol... ¿Why not?

¿¿¿Maybe I just came for the upside questions marks???

  • The meals were outrageous, and I really wanted to write about that... but I have to get ready for my new job which I already mentioned I wanted to write about, but...
Thinking of you... all of you.
¡¡¡ Yo tengo WiFi, yipppeeeeee !!!
Click on ¿¡ Antwerp en españa !? for a link to the team...

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P.A. GIbbons said...

SHit---you are having too much fun.
I had better change things around a bit here so that I spice up my life with more than basil!